What to Do When You Feel Unappreciated (& You Know You’ve Given Your All)?

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Hi Precious Soul,

Feeling unappreciated after you’ve given your heart and soul,

is painful, demoralising, and disheartening, all of which are hard to hide and control. 


You go through a range of emotions from anger to sadness,

analyzing the years of commitment and sacrifice, which may now seem like madness.


It’s really difficult to accept that a group or a person

cannot see your help, support, and contribution like they’re looking at another version.  


It can also feel frustrating not to be able to take anything back,

the years of effort, going the extra mile and compromising is why you’re feeling the way you are and almost like you’re going to crack.


But in this moment you have a chance,

to allow your soul to advance.


You can perceive this experience in many different ways,

though the most expansive is to give yourself praise.


Think about it… 

You have opened your heart and soul and contributed to a person, group, company, organization, community or society, 

and in doing so you have grown, increased your vibration and also raised their frequency


Whether anyone can see what you have given, 

does not change the fact that your soul has risen


Without contribution in this life your soul cannot grow

so I promise that you’ve not lost anything at all.


When we leave this body, we cannot take anything or anyone with us,

all that we keep are the experiences that have shaped us.


An experience of contribution is soul-enriching

the ripple effects through your inner being and the universe are eternally fulfilling.


The light of your work will keep on shining infinitely

this is what you have to keep telling your mind repeatedly.


What to Do When You Feel Unappreciated (& You Know You’ve Given Your All)?

I highly recommend that for the next 30 days

you write about your achievements, thinking only about this specific contribution in various different ways,

for example, think about the people you made smile, the progress you and they made, the things you learnt, the discipline you gained, the results you achieved, and the skills you can take away.


Keep doing this writing exercise until you have changed your perception,

the goal is to see the beauty and the light of your contribution without needing external confirmation

Thank you for your time today

I hope I have helped you in some way.

All my love always dear heart

Your Heart-Based Life Coach 

Sandra Glavan


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