How to Let Go of Control and Relieve Anxiety?

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When you’re struggling with anxiety,  

it’s common to make controlling everything a priority.


That’s because one of the main symptoms of anxiety is fear of the unknown,

and for a lot of anxious souls, this results in a habit of control to survive and stay within their comfort zone.


Once you know the type of situations that make your anxiety worse,  

your natural survival instinct is to control everything to avoid more anxiousness in due course. 


Predicting outcomes, and controlling yourself, people, and events,

become a way of life as that’s the only thing that initially makes sense. 


As such, one of the worst things someone can say to a person suffering from anxiety, like you,

is to stop worrying and to let go of control, so trust me I get what you’re going through.


As someone who struggled with chronic anxiety for many years, I truly know how you feel, 

that’s why I’m going to address the question of letting go carefully, as my only goal is to help you heal.


How to Let Go of Control and Relieve Anxiety?

The best way to help you let go of control,

is to show you what it does to your body, mind, and soul. 


So, I’m going to take you through a visual exercise,

please use your imagination to make your understanding optimized.


Visualize now that you’re hanging off a cliff, 

your entire body tense and fingers gripping stiff.

Any bit of movement is a risk of you falling off,

your body and mind only focusing on hanging on.

Your cells and thoughts are in 100% survival mode

and your anxiety levels are edging up, close to an explode.

You know you can’t stay there forever,

But as long as you survive, everything else is whatever.


The scenario I’ve just described is an extreme example of surviving in the physical reality

but my dear heart controlling everything is a form of surviving in your mind and your cells experience this in the same way as hanging off a cliff reality.


Although this sounds crazy and very difficult for the mind to comprehend, 

for the cells, there is no difference between the body experiencing and the mind perceiving my friend.


When trying to control everything your cells go through survival stress that can only ever allow a life of surviving,

while letting go allows your body and mind to heal, your soul to grow, and a life that’s fulfilled and thriving.



Please don’t misunderstand me here,

I’m not telling you to literally jump off a cliff, my dear,

I’m only trying to show you that controlling everything results in more anxiety and fear


So what I recommend is that you practice letting go of control in your daily life slowly, and gently,

as this is how you’ll begin to thrive and experience peace, bliss, happiness, and joy gradually. 


Start letting go of small things and then later work toward tougher challenges

and keep going until you experience letting go as an act of freedom and one that heals and relieves anxiousness.


For example, the next time you’re invited to a party or an event that you’d normally avoid,

attend anyway even if it’s just for an hour, no matter how much you end up feeling anxious and annoyed.


After that begin letting go of daily routines at work and home, 

that brings you unnecessary and extra work while only serving to keep you in your comfort zone. 


Later, practice letting go of control with your partner, close family member or a friend, 

irrespective of your fears and wanting the best for them, everyone has a right to experience life in their own way until the end.


You’ll see that each time you let go and allow yourself and others to be free and out of your comfort controlled protection,

that you’ll feel less anxious AFTERWARD, happier, and joyful LONG TERM, helping you to transform and change direction


And please don’t worry about all the controlling that you’ve done in the past

only the present moment exists and start letting go now to make the rest of your life on earth a blast.


The process from controlling to letting go is a lesson that you and I have had to learn to find peace,

So that we can help many others relieve anxiety through this transformation masterpiece.

Thank you for your time today

I hope I have helped you in some way.

All my love always dear heart

Your Heart-Based Life Coach 

Sandra Glavan


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