How to Love Yourself Again? Top 4 Self-Love Tips

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I feel you dear heart, and I’m truly sorry that you’ve gone through suffering and pain,

so much so that you’re now having to learn how to love yourself again.


I know that it must really hurt to be in your body and head right now,

and that you’ve been trying to put the pieces back together that were broken or lost somehow.


I’m also sure that you’ve asked yourself a million times, 

why you’ve had to endure so much suffering, and why some are not paying enough for their behavior or crimes. 


But I want you to know something and this is really important

your soul is still perfectly whole,

that’s the part of you no-one can destroy irrespective of their persistence and goal.


You are a light being inside a currently broken human suit

but with self-love I promise that you can recreate into something even more beautiful and transmute.


In fact, there are many examples of people who have fallen in love with themselves unconditionally

after hitting rock bottom first and then rising to self-love slowly, gently and humbly.


So you see my precious soul, although you’ve had a painful and difficult past,

those very events can help you later to cherish yourself and others without being asked. 


Pain and suffering can be a doorway to enlightenment, peace and self-love, 

and that’s why I can tell you with confidence that there is ample light coming your way over and above.



How to fall in love with yourself unconditionally,

the following steps are the ones I took on my self-love journey.

How to LOVE Yourself Again? Top 4 SELF-LOVE Tips

Step 1: Plant Seeds with Loving Intentions

Start writing in your journal the following intentions every morning or during the day when you can,

for at least 30 days in a row is a great start and a solid plan.


I’m ready to make changes and adopt new habits by taking small steps consistently

I’m open to finding healers, teachers, methods, therapies and techniques to heal completely

and “I’m willing to love myself deeply and unconditionally.


Step 2: Adopt Loving Habits to Nourish Your Body

Clean up your fridge and cupboards of processed and refined foods,

and from now on, only make your meals and snacks from natural whole foods


Replace all sugary, alcohol and caffeine-based beverages with water and herbal tea,

your cells will love you for all of these changes, which I just can’t wait for you to see. 


Go for a walk at least once a day to get exercise and quality fresh air,

and start practicing yoga or meditation or both to be more present, balanced, calm, and aware.


These healthy eating and healthy living habits are an essential step on your self-love journey,

as you have to nourish and take care of your physical body to fall in love with yourself unconditionally.


Step 3: Create Loving Thought Patterns

Introduce another writing exercise as part of your morning routine,

where you write down daily all your thoughts for 10 minutes without editing anything in between.


Then once the time is up spend a few more minutes reading through these thoughts,

and highlighting all your negative thought patterns you’d like to change and toss.


This is how you’re going to identify all your unloving affirmations, 

that you’ll need to replace with positive, empowering, and self-love affirmations.


Simply turn every negative phrase into it’s positive version,

and affirm in front of the mirror every day until it becomes part of you as a person.


Step 4: Go Deeper To Heal and Experience Everlasting Self-Love

Make a list of all the people you’ve not forgiven over your lifetime,

and write forgiveness letters before bedtime. 


Be also sorry for the hurt you've caused to others,

by writing sorry letters to these human sisters and brothers.


You don’t have to send anyone a letter if you don’t want to or feel that it’s inappropriate,

the purpose of your letter writing is to fall in love with yourself by getting rid of the invisible weight.


Begin to give thanks for everything and anything in your life,

there’s always something to be grateful for no matter how hard is your life.


Make time for your passions and dreams by taking small consistent steps as part of your journey on earth,  

as to conquer self-love unconditionally you have to honor the purpose of your birth.



To fall in love with yourself:

  • Plant loving intentions from the outset,
  • Adopt loving habits to nourish your body and make it your top asset ,
  • Create positive thought patterns to have an empowering mindset,
  • Set mini action plans towards conquering your dreams even if the end goal doesn't feel possible as of yet  
  • & Practice repentance, forgiveness, and gratitude from sunrise to sunset.

Thank you for your time today

I hope I have helped you in some way.

All my love always dear heart

Your Heart-Based Life Coach 

Sandra Glavan


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