INSTAGRAM & ANXIETY: How to Choose the Best Instagram Influencers for Your Mental Health

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Hi Precious Soul, 

If social media and Instagram influencers are triggering your anxiety,

I want you to know that you’re not alone as this is a common issue for many people in our society.


But, in this article, I’m going to help you understand how to choose the best Instagram Influencers for your mental health,

because if used in the right way,  social media can actually be a great resource for expanding your inner wealth.


So if you’re ready let’s get started 

Why are Instagram Influencers Triggering Your Anxiety?

The reason certain individuals on social media trigger your anxiety,

is because they’re extremely superficial, and self-involved people in our society.


The videos and photos they’re constantly publishing online,

are a way of feeding their ego which can only make them or anyone feel temporarily fine.


The main goal of these self-centered characters is to ensure their popularity, and net worth is in some way being built,

and that’s why following their content can leave you feeling empty, irritable, down, and unfulfilled.


The trouble, however, is that these people that trigger anxiety in others,

are often unaware of the negative impact on their human sisters and brothers.


But what you must also bear in mind is that we all try to feed our ego in some way, 

as that’s how we avoid facing our inner pain, or metaphorically speaking run away


So, there’s no point in blaming Instagram influencers for our anxiety, 

but rather it’s important to understand why we feel triggered and how we can choose the best people to connect with online and in our society.


How to Choose the Best Instagram Influencers for Your Mental Health?

We have come to this world to learn that love, compassion, gratitude and, humbleness are life’s essence,

and that materialism and superficiality have little or no value when inner peace is present.


If you’re someone who's ready to apply these life lessons and live in alignment with your heart, and soul,

then you need to start searching for wisdom teachers, books, therapies, videos, and workshops that have the same goal.


By doing this you will connect with individuals, support groups, communities, and tribes,

who can lift your soul, help to relieve your anxiety, and increase your overall vibe. 


That’s how you’ll have an Instagram feed of inspirational content created by beautiful souls

who can help you feel calmer and fulfil life-changing goals.


So you see my dear heart, social media can be an amazing resource and tool,

as long as you follow people who are teaching about love, compassion, gratitude and humbleness on their platform and school.


All my love always dear heart

Your Heart-Based Life Coach 

Sandra Glavan


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