A Proven Step-by-Step Diet Program to Relieve Anxiety

Easy to follow

50+ Page Anti-Anxiety Diet Guide (ebook)


6 x Workbooks (150+ pages) 

to help you successfully reduce anxiety through food

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This is not just any diet program. 
It's a step-by-step guide to transform your mental and physical health. 

My Dear Heart, the food you eat has a massive impact on your anxiety levels.


 RESET Your Diet & Eating Habits... throwing out anxiety trigger foods, introducing anti-anxiety ingredients, preparing healthy and calming meals, and practicing mindful eating.

RESTORE Your Nutrient Levels to Balance... committing to anti-anxiety eating until it's a daily lifestyle habit. After all, balanced nutrient levels are necessary for proper body and brain functioning. 

RELIEVE Your Anxiety & Enjoy Life

Once you've reset and restored, you're ready to start enjoying anxiety relief and your life!

A good anti-anxiety diet has the capacity to relieve your anxiety, improve your overall mental and physical wellbeing, and inspire you to take empowering actions that can change your life.

You're probably here because ...

Your anxiety is controlling your life

Your anxiety has taken over your life and no matter how much you've tried to ignore your symptoms, they're always there, niggling away at you, controlling you, and ruining every aspect of your existence, including your social life, relationships, career path, friendships, family life, health, eating habits, and fitness.  

You feel nervous, restless, tense or irritable most of the time

Simple daily tasks such as going to work, doing the weekly food shop, being on facebook or watching the television can make you feel nervous, restless, tense or irritable. These symptoms significantly heighten when attending meetings, going to parties or weddings, and doing anything outside your normal routine and comfort zone.

Your mind is jam-packed with negative thoughts

Your negative thoughts are running on auto-pilot in your mind, and you continually experience repetitive thoughts of regret, jealousy, shame, guilt, anger, and what ifs.

You suffer from constant fear and worry

You often worry about what might happen in the future, or you overanalyse, and are upset about, why things happened in the past. As a result, you go to all efforts to avoid change, people, events, or activities, justifying to yourself that you're doing this to avoid feeling anxious.  

You have trouble sleeping

At night you find yourself tossing and turning unable to fall asleep, or waking up in the middle of the night in panic and worry. Your wired mind prevents you from getting a proper nights sleep.  

You have low energy levels, and often feel weak and tired

Your constant worry, fear, nervousness and irritability, as well as poor sleep patterns, make you feel weak, tired, drained and unmotivated.

You suffer from social anxiety

Your anxiety spikes up in social situations such as meeting with friends, attending family events, going out for drinks, meeting new people, or doing anything with anyone outside of your comfort zone. 

You experience frequent panic and anxiety attacks

You experience frequent panic or anxiety attacks, which makes you constantly worry about when the next one will strike. 

You've lost your confidence and self-esteem

You struggle to find the courage and strength to go after what you want in life as your negative mindset has convinced you that you're not good enough. This can make you feel low, and worthless.

You've tried everything but nothing seems to work

You're tired of trying new anxiety management techniques because whatever you've attempted to introduce in the past, the results were almost non-existent. Anxiety continues to prevail in your life. 

My dear heart, I know exactly how you feel, because I've been there too...
Sandra Glavan Profile picture 1200 x 1200 2023

Hi, my name is Sandra Glavan

I struggled with chronic anxiety for two decades, and eventually, this mental condition led me to an unbearable state of existence, where I could no longer go to work, face seeing friends or family, have normal relationships or get to sleep at night.

The twenty years of constant fear, worry, nervousness and irritability finally pushed me into a dark hole from which I thought I'd never be able to get out. 

Like any other human being, I reached my limit. I couldn't continue going to work anymore while waking up and going to bed with anxiety, and battling with my symptoms throughout each and every day.  

My close family and friends tried their best to understand me, but they found it very difficult. I had chosen to shut everyone out, lock myself away and nurse my anxiety in bed in order to  survive. 

I felt like the ultimate freak, and I was ready to give up. 

But then something amazing happened.

 I met an incredible phytotherapist who changed my life. She gave me an anti-anxiety diet to follow, and after only a few months of eating the foods she recommended I began to experience anxiety relief, more energy and motivation, improved sleep quality, snippets of bliss and happiness, and many more physical and mental health benefits.

I was completely inspired and immediately began to read, research, and study about nutrition, healthy eating and alternative therapies.

On this discovery journey I read many books, watched countless documentaries and took many courses to expand my knowledge of the use of nutrition for healing.

Everything I learned from my phytotherapist, years of self-study about nutrition and healing, as well as personal practice of applying anti-anxiety eating to relieve mental symptoms, I'm now offering to you in this incredible 200-page Anti-Anxiety Diet Guide & Workbooks Bundle. 

If you're struggling with any of the symptoms above, the Anti-Anxiety Diet and Workbooks Bundle is designed to help you tackle these challenges


The Anti-Anxiety Diet & Workbooks Bundle

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Topics included are...

Top anti-anxiety foods ingredients

Worst anxiety foods

Best carbs, proteins and fats

Meal planning ideas

Simple breakfast, lunch & dinner options

Easy anti-anxiety recipes

Optimal food proportions

Anti-anxiety diet challenges

Best anxiety relief supplements

Calming superfoods 

 Mindful eating habits

Anti-anxiety shopping lists 

and so much more

Inside the bundle you'll learn...

How to calm your anxiety through food

Why healthy eating is an effective way to manage anxiety

What are the most calming foods and why

What foods you need to eliminate and why

How to cook quick, easy and practical anti-anxiety meals

How to eat mindfully

How to plan your meals 

What are the best carbs, proteins and fats for mental health

How to arrange your plate with various food groups

What are optimal proportions

How often you need to eat certain foods

How past experiences affect your eatings habits

How to eliminate most challenging foods and drinks 

How to stick to your diet and make it a lifestyle

How to set anti-anxiety goals

The Anti-Anxiety Diet Guide & Workbooks Bundle includes a 50-page Complete Guide and 150 worksheets designed to help you reduce your anxiety through food.

Not only will you learn what foods trigger and calm anxiety and why,  but you’ll also have the tools and strategies to put your anti-anxiety diet into practice, using reusable worksheets.

You will learn how to eat healthily as a way of calming your mental health and boosting your physical well-being.

Eating the right foods is a fundamental step for managing anxiety and the sooner you adopt an anti-anxiety diet, the sooner you’ll have the mental strength and physical energy to introduce other healing techniques. 

In this bundle, you’ll discover practical methods designed to reset your eating habits, and introduce new meals that will help to manage your anxiety daily.  

If you're ready to reset your eating habits, to restore your nutrient levels and relieve your anxiety , and in turn become a calmer, healthier and more energised you, then the Anti-Anxiety Diet Guide & Workbooks Bundle is ideal for you.


Anti-anxiety diet guide and workbooks bundle - what's inside


IMPORTANT: The Anti-Anxiety Diet Guide & Workbooks Bundle is a digital (downloadable) productwhich means this product will not be mailed to you, but what's amazing is that you'll be able to print as many copies as you like! 

50+ Page Anti-Anxiety Diet Complete Guide (Ebook)
$27 value...yours for only $15
Anti-anxiety diet guide front cover

Adopting an anti-anxiety diet can relieve your anxiety, improve your overall mental and physical health, and trigger a transformation in your life. But to feel ready and motivated to start make changes to your current eating habits, you need to have a good understanding of the diet you're going to adopt. In this complete guide you'll learn everything you need to know about your new anti-anxiety diet to help you feel inspired to begin eating healthily.

The Anti-Anxiety Diet Complete Guide includes the following sections

Section 1: Introduction to anti-anxiety eating
Section 2: Overview of your new anti-anxiety diet

Section 3: The foods you need to eat and why
Section 4: The foods you need to eliminate and why

Section 5: Full list of ingredients
Section 6: Detailed list of elimination foods
Section 7: Eating the right proportions
Section 8: A simple guide to meal planning
Section 9: Additional tips

Anti-Anxiety Diet Checklists Workbook
$17 value...yours for only $7
Anti-anxiety diet checklists workbook front cover

Understanding your new diet is a great start, but to get started with your anti-anxiety eating, you also need practical lists and trackers to help you apply the diet in your busy life. The Anti-Anxiety Diet Checklists Workbook is jam packed with every list you're possibly going to need to implement your new diet successfully, such as shopping lists, food elimination lists, daily checklists, to-do lists, trackers, and more.

Anti-Anxiety Diet Meal Planner Workbook
$17 value...yours for only $7
Anti-anxiety diet meal planner workbook front cover

 The Anti-Anxiety Diet Meal Planner Workbook outlines a detailed 7-day meal plan with easy to follow instructions and recipes, which is exactly what you need once you stock up on healthy and calming ingredients.  

Anti-Anxiety Diet Challenges Workbook
$12 value...yours for only $5
Anti-anxiety diet challenges workbook front cover

 The Anti-Anxiety Diet Challenges Workbook is designed to help you eliminate some of the most addictive anxiety triggering ingredients, as well as implement the diet long-term. 

Anti-Anxiety Diet Goals Workbook
$12 value...yours for FREE
Anti-anxiety diet goals workbook front cover

Creating SMART goals and sticking to them is definitely going to speed up your healing progress. In The Anti-Anxiety Diet Goals Workbook you have amazing worksheets to help you come up with personal anti-anxiety diet goals and track them as you go on. 

Anti-Anxiety Diet Journal Workbook
$12 value...yours for FREE
Anti-anxiety diet journal workbook front cover

Journaling can help you identify the reasons behind your current eating habits, which is incredibly useful information when trying to stick to a new diet. In The Anti-Anxiety Diet Journal Workbook you have 30 Anxiety and Diet related journal prompts to help you with this process.

Anti-Anxiety Diet Affirmations Workbook
$7 value...yours for FREE
Anti-anxiety diet affirmations workbook front cover

Affirming positive diet statements daily is a great way to begin to change your thought patterns in line with healthy eating. The Anti-Anxiety Diet Affirmations Workbook contains wonderful anti-anxiety diet affirmations that you can repeat daily, which are included as lists, cards and posters. 

Anti-Anxiety Diet - Getting Started Guide
$5 value...yours for FREE
Anti-anxiety diet getting started guide front cover 3

As you can see from above, The Anti-Anxiety Diet Guide & Workbooks Bundle is filled with a lot amazing content. What's more, you'll know exactly where to begin because The Anti-Anxiety Diet - Getting Started Guide provides a clear step-by-step action plan.  

Life-time Access to Added Sections & Worksheets
$27 value...yours for FREE

You'll also have lifetime access to any fresh ebook chapters, as well as new worksheets,  added to the bundle at no extra cost. The Anti-Anxiety Diet and Workbooks Bundle currently has over 200 pages, and as new information is added, that number will increase but you won't have to pay anything extra.

Anti-anxiety diet and workbooks bundle total value and price 4.0

One-time payment of $34 

Anxiety affect us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and as such there's a wide spectrum of symptoms that people suffering from this mental condition can experience.

So, some other common struggles that many people from my community and I have faced, and that you may also be suffering from are...

You're overeating or under-eating 

You're either overeating when you feel anxious in an attempt to distract or comfort yourself with food, or you're losing track of your appetite by being too focused on your worries and not hearing or tuning into your cues. 

You experience digestive or bowel problems

You suffer from poor digestion, bloating, wind, pain and constipation. 

You're addicted to sugar 

You crave refined carbs and sugary foods, and even the thought of eating them gets you excited.

You rely on caffeine to get you through the day

You love your coffee, and caffeine has become your safety drink when feeling anxious.

You consume alcohol, or other substances, to calm down

You consume alcohol and/or other stimulants to help you get through social situations, and your anxious existence.  

You suffer from headaches and chronic pain

You often experience dull, aching head pain, with sensation of tightness or pressure across the forehead or on the sides and back of the head, as well as tenderness in the scalp, neck and shoulder muscles.

You feel drained and ready to give up

You feel exhausted, drained, and irritable all the time, and you're ready to give up.

You believe you're always going to suffer from anxiety 

You've come to believe that you'll always suffer from anxiety and no matter what you try that it won't work.

You feel misunderstood

You feel alone, misunderstood and weird. Part of you desperately wants to be accepted for being an anxious person, while the other part of you wishes nothing more but to be "normal".

You suffer from depression

You suffer suffer from depression, as well as anxiety, which makes your anxious life very complicated.

Benefits of eating a Healthy and Balanced Anti-Anxiety Diet

Relieves tension, nervousness and irritability

Boosts mood

Promotes sleep

Increases energy levels 

Improves gut health

Reduces food cravings

Improves memory

Makes you feel fuller for longer

Reduces inflammation

Weight loss

Increases confidence

Motivates healthy lifestyle choices

and so much more 


the anti anxiety diet sales page image - full bundle image 3.0

which includes the following:

The Anti-Anxiety Diet - Getting Started Guide

The Anti-Anxiety Diet Complete Guide (50+ Page ebook)

The Anti-Anxiety Diet Checklists Workbook

The Anti-Anxiety Diet Meal Planner Workbook

The Anti-Anxiety Diet Challenges Workbook

The Anti-Anxiety Diet Goals Workbook

The Anti-Anxiety Diet Journal Workbook

The Anti-Anxiety Diet Affirmations Workbook

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Anti-Anxiety Diet Guide & Workbooks Bundle?

It's a diet program designed to help you relieve anxiety as well as improve your overall well-being. The bundle consists of a 50+ page ebook (The Anti-Anxiety Diet Complete Guide) designed to teach you all you need to know about the diet, as well as 6 Workbooks and a Getting Started Guide to help you fully implement the diet. 

What format is the Guide & Workbooks bundle delivered in?

The Anti-Anxiety Diet Guide & Workbooks bundle is a digital (downloadable) product that will NOT be mailed to you. Once you download the files, you'll need to print the workbooks to use them. The amazing thing about that though is that you can keep printing as many copies as you like.

What do I get with my purchase?

You get access to 8 separate pdf files with 200+ pages (in total) in A4 size. You will be able to download and print your Anti-Anxiety Diet Guide & Workbooks Bundle instantly.

Is it a one-time fee? Are there any hidden fees?

Yes, it's a one time fee. No, there are no hidden costs. It's a one-time purchase of $34 USD for the entire bundle. There are ZERO hidden fees! You can print as many copies as you like with no additional charges! The one-time purchase price of $34 USD gets you access to the entire bundle as well as any future updates or bonuses.

What if I am unhappy with the bundle?

I would never want you to be unhappy. If you've tried the diet and feel that it has not not relieved your anxiety in any way, you can email me within 60 days of purchasing for a refund. All I ask to complete the refund is that you show me that you tried the diet via photos of BOTH 1) your anti-anxiety diet meals (as per The Anti-Anxiety Diet Meal Planner Workbook) and 2) completed worksheets from various workbooks. This is to both ensure that you give the diet your best and to protect my digital content. All refunds and guarantees are also subject to the terms of Amosuir's refund policy linked at the bottom of this page.

What type of foods does this diet consist of? Is there a list of approved foods?

This Anti-Anxiety diet is a healthy and balanced whole foods based diet, consisting mainly of whole grains, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruit, lean protein, and herbs. Yes, there is an approved ingredients list.

Do I get a meal plan? What does it consist of?

Yes. There is a meal plan with recipes. While the meal plan will help to get you started, you can use the approved list of ingredients and the guidelines outlined in The Anti-Anxiety Diet Complete Guide to experiment with your own meals. 

What type of anxiety sufferers is this diet designed for?

This diet is suited for all anxiety sufferers. Whether you are suffering from mild or chronic anxiety, this diet can help to relieve your symptoms, as well as allow you to better manage your daily anxiety levels.

Can this diet cure my anxiety?

Eating a healthy and balanced diet - such as the anti-anxiety diet outlined in this bundle - can relieve your anxiety and allow you to better manage your anxiety. Eating healthily is also an essential step to overcoming chronic anxiety. But to cure chronic anxiety you need to:

Change your diet + [Change your lifestyle + Change your mindset + Adopt self-love]

Though what's important here is that adopting healthy eating is a necessity to have the energy to tackle the latter 3 elements of the above formula. So, to start your anxiety healing, the diet is going to be the first and fundamental step. 

How long will it take to feel daily anxiety relief from my meals?

Every person is different so it is hard to say when you will see results. Though in saying that, most anxiety sufferers notice positive results after adopting the anti-anxiety diet fully for 60 consecutive days, and some even sooner than that.

Can I do this diet as a vegan or vegetarian?

Yes. The there are not many animal foods that are part of the diet and these are optional. You can easily eliminate animal-based foods and replace with other ingredients from the approved ingredients list.

Is my credit card secure?

Yes, your debit or credit card security is extremely important to me. That's why I've partnered with PayPal to handle the billing and provide a secure socket layer, 128 bit encryption. So feel comfortable knowing that your transaction is 100% completely protected from fraud.

Do I need a PayPal account?

No. You can make a payment via PayPal whether you're a PayPal account holder or not. The only difference is that account holders will enter their email address and password and click the button "Log In" to access their saved credit card details, while non-account holders will need to click the button "Pay by Debit or Credit Card" to enter their card details.

I have another question

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at

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