How to Live Your Best Life as a Highly Sensitive Person?

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Hi Sensitive Human,

If you want to know what you can do to live your best life as a highly sensitive person,

then please stick around here as I’m going to show you what’s necessary to reach your highest potential and happiest self and version.

One thing that I can tell you is that by the end of this article you’ll have a fresh perspective on your sensitivity

as such I highly recommend that you pay close attention because you’ll finally discover your authenticity.

So if you’re ready let’s get started...


What is Feels Like to Be a Sensitive Human in this World?

I know that if you’re a highly sensitive person, like I am too,

it can often feel the world we live in is not designed for us to make it through


Unfortunately, the reality is that many people around us perceive sensitivity as a disadvantage

and often advise that if we want to get ahead in life, it’s something we need to eliminate or manage

otherwise, they keep telling us that being sensitive will create a lot of reputational damage.

For example, how many times have you been told that “you’re too sensitive”, “you think too much”, “you need to toughen up”, “you’re overthinking, or “you’re over-analyzing”, 

these very phrases are the reason why many sensitive people try to hide their sensitivity even though this is highly demoralizing.

But the super important fact that many of them don’t realize, and for many years I also didn’t fully understand, 

sensitivity is a trait people tend to be born with rather than something they have acquired, learned, or in any way planned.

Sensitivity comes from the Latin word sentio which means to feel,

and so the more sensitive a person is the more they feel, absorb, and sense everything around them which can to less sensitive people seem strange and surreal.

Sensitive humans can more easily tune into their environment which promotes exceptional creativity

this is in fact a superpower and incredible natural ability.


It’s like sensitive individuals have an antenna that pulls in energies

that they’re able to channel into creative pieces with the potential of inspiring others for centuries.

Think now about some well-known creative individuals such as musicians, songwriters, artists, poets, sculptors, actors, and dancers, whose art, performance, or writing, inspired people massively, 

and helped many to keep going when they couldn't find any hope or answers.

The next thing that I’m going to tell you is the really important part, 

so please listen carefully as it will help you to set your life as a sensitive person apart.


Sensitive Humans: Supportive Environment vs an Unsupportive Environment? 


When highly sensitive people and souls, 

live in a loving and supportive environment

they can blossom into highly intuitive, joyful, creative leaders, teachers, or healers helping many others to reach their goals. 


But when they live in an unsupportive environment and one that’s ruthless and unloving,

their creativity doesn’t disappear however they suffer intensively, can experience illness, and feel as though they’re internally dying. 


That’s because sensitive people are also more susceptible to pain,

basically a touch that would be experienced by someone who is less sensitive as absolutely trivial can deeply hurt a sensitive person like they’ve been hit by a crane


So when sensitive humans spend a lot of time with people and in situations where they are unloved and unsupported, 

they hurt more, become more defensive, and are more distorted,

as they sense BOTH the spoken and the unspoken, the visible and the non-visible, which is why they have a constant need to protect themselves in an environment that's emotionless and cold-hearted.

If sensitivity is also combined with trauma or stress

there’s an even greater need for sensitive people to protect themselves.

This is why there happens to be a high rate of addiction among actors and musicians, they are sensitive

they hurt more, and when also living in an unsupportive environment they often turn to addiction for extra protection and relief from surrounding afflictions.

I’m sure you can think of many great artists whose amazing creativity led them to stardom and external glory,

while off stage and offset they turned to drugs and alcohol, some even took their own lives, both of which represent the extent of their suffering in their personal life and story.


How to Live Your Best Life as a Highly Sensitive Person?


Ok, so taking everything into account that I’ve said up to now,

to live your best life as a sensitive person this is what I highly recommend you start doing somehow: 


Tip 1: See Your Sensitivity as a Superpower


Start seeing your sensitivity as a superpower that can help you become your greatest self, but also allow you to inspire others, through creativity, leadership, teaching, or healing.


Tip 2: Choose Your People Carefully


Become very picky about who you spend your time with, as it’s essential for your health and well-being as a sensitive human, that you surround yourself with people who are supportive and loving.


Tip 3: Review Your Work Situation


If you’re currently working in a emotionless and ruthless environment then this is something that definitely needs changing, 



Tip 4: Make Time for Creativity


Creativity is in some way part of your life's purpose so making time for this, even if only as a hobby at first, is important for the growth of your soul so please start making baby steps and arranging.

If at this point, you have a ton of questions for me,

such as how can you possibly do all of this when you’ve gone through so much in the past and also how can you change your friends, job, and life, and find time for creativity, and to what degree. 


Look, I want you to know that everything I write about, are things I have either personally experienced, changed, accomplished, or mastered, 

as such I’ll only recommend something that I know is doable and I promise that with time you can change and recreate your life, and network and that it’s really okay to go back to the drawing board. 


I’ll try now to give you a snapshot how I changed my life completely,

and I promise to be quick and not to go into it too deeply.


My Story: Making the most of My Sensitivity

So, in my early twenties, I hit rock bottom,

and everything came to a standstill that autumn.

Up until then, I had spent a long time trying to hide my sensitivity

and became addicted to unhealthy eating as well as excessive levels of studying, working, and trying to be the best to the point of captivity.

But my childhood trauma, combined with my high-pressured job, bad lifestyle, as well as living in an unsupportive environment led me to unbearable levels of anxiety, 

and a spectrum of other health issues that triggered a breaking point where I could no longer live a normal life in our society.

This is when I reached my biggest and most significant cross-road

where I had to make big decisions in order to climb out of my hole and offload.

During the following 10 years, I sold my flat, changed jobs, moved countries and homes, walked away from a bunch of friends, and joined alternative health communities, 

I also changed my diet and lifestyle, and worked on reprogramming my mindset to see the beauty in my sensitivity and its amazing opportunities.

I basically committed to creating a new life, network, and friends as well as achieving a healing transformation,

fully adopting healthy eating + healthy living + healthy thinking + self love all of which led me to a ton of life-changing realizations.

I realised that the more I nourished myself and my abilities and spent time with people who admired my sensitivity, 

the more I felt better, happier, healthier, and an urge for creativity.

In my spare time, I began drawing and writing poetry,

the amount of love emanating from my heart and onto my scrapbook was just awesome honestly.

Later my poems became post and videos, one of which you’re reading now, 

and so nourishing my sensitivity and creating a new life in a supportive environment completely changed how I feel and basically led to the work I’m doing to help other sensitive souls right now.


Final Note  

The key point you need to take away from this article is that being sensitive is a gift and your superpower that can promote exceptional creativity

but to find joy, happiness, and peace, you have to create a life in a supportive environment as that’s a necessity for souls with high sensitivity


to Dr. Gabor Maté.


In this article, I’ve used a few of his phrases and quotes as these either perfectly reflect what I’ve personally felt and experienced as a highly sensitive person, or I simply resonate with what he is saying. Dr. Gabor Maté is a true revolutionary and a gift to humanity. I highly recommend his work to all sensitive humans on earth.

Thank you for your time today

I hope I have helped you in some way.

All my love always dear heart

Your Heart-Based Life Coach 

Sandra Glavan


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