What’s the ultimate success in healing anxiety or any other issue?

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My dear heart, have you ever stopped to think about what is the ultimate success in healing anxiety or any other problem? 

The truth is, success is the entire journey, including every breath, step, challenge, triumph, and dip.

But the ultimate success, or the end goal, is to achieve a state of inner peace.

We’ve come to this planet to learn, grow, and experience. Each moment is perfectly designed to help us move forward. Every step, no matter how big or small, is one step closer to serenity.

Your path is unique and incredible.

So you see my precious soul, everything you’ve been through up until now, and everything that you’ll go through from now on is the universe's plan to help you find inner peace.

All pain and suffering have a divine purpose. It hurts I know, but it’s there to allow you to expand your awareness and consciousness.

But maybe I’ve gone too deep, and too far into the sky, so let me give you some real-life examples.

Your anxiety is just one of many experiences that are nudging you to shift your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body to a higher level.

You may already be familiar with how I overcame my anxiety but if you’re not, then let me tell you.

I went through 20 years of overwhelming anxiousness that took over every part of my existence until I learned that healthy eating, living, and thinking as well as self-love together can cure chronic anxiety and most other problems.

I learned that if I eat well and exercise I am less anxious, can meditate better, feel more inspired and motivated, and can experience snippets of calmness.

If on top of that I choose to have empowering thoughts of love, gratitude, forgiveness, and repentance, I can maintain longer periods of inner peace.

But if I also flood myself with unconditional love I am at peace for several hours and am able to feel joy in simply being.

So, what I’m trying to tell you is that my life journey was perfectly designed to let me learn those lessons that eventually brought me to experience longer periods of inner peace.

Though I am not done yet.

I continue to learn, grow and experience every day. There are always new lessons to learn. The journey is infinite. A constant state of inner peace is the end goal.

Until we have mastered inner peace in its entirety we are not done yet.

You or I may achieve a permanent state of inner peace in this lifetime or the next, or maybe in the one after that. Though “when” we do it is irrelevant. Why? Because the journey is more important.

You can’t get there until you go through this.

So what I’m asking you today is to understand that the end goal of healing is not to be able to earn millions, have a successful career, travel the world, drive expensive cars, have a big shopping budget, or be part of a 2.4-perfect family. These are only various experiences that you may go through on your way to inner peace.

The ultimate goal of healing is to continually expand your consciousness and eventually reach a permanent state of inner peace. Though as I said, success is every breath, so please make the most of the journey in this life and the next.


Your heart-based life coach

Sandra Glavan xoxo

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I'm a Heart-Based Life Coach for Gentle Anxiety Sufferers. After two decades of chronic anxiety and self-hate, I managed to conquer both, and experience a huge spiritual transformation in the process. This incredible journey inspired me to pursue my dreams and help other gentle anxiety sufferers. I’m not a mental health professional, but I’m someone who has studied intensively about anxiety and achieved success with everything I learned. If you’re a gentle soul who is struggling with anxiety and would like my help, I’d love to coach you. Check out my free and paid coaching services.

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