Why taking baby steps is the key to achieving healing?

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If you feel you're not taking enough action to achieve healing then please pause, take a deep breath and read this post.

My dear heart, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Lao Tzu)

You need to understand that amazing things take time to create, manifest, and change.

It took 9 months before you came out of your mum’s womb,

The Eiffel Tower was built in 2 years, 2 months, and 5 days, and

The construction of the Great Wall of China lasted over 2,300 years.

So, my dear warrior, please also allow yourself the time to create a new lifestyle and a positive mindset that can lead to healing. 

It is my experience that baby steps are the key to building solid foundations on a healing journey.

Taking small steps consistently can help you successfully undo your old habits and develop new habits, without putting you under any unnecessary pressure.

Trying to do too much at once is going to overload you, making it difficult to sustain your commitment. After all, you have a busy life with a lot going on and so the last thing you need is to attempt to take on too much, such as a new diet regime, new exercise program, and new mindset techniques all at the same time.

So, how can you slow down?

How to break it up and introduce consistent baby steps?

The trick is to set small goals that are realistic and manageable, and to gradually build up your new lifestyle and mindset. 

For example, 

  • in week 1 set new intentions each morning, 
  • then in week 2 also introduce a veggie soup daily,
  • in week 3 start walking 30 minutes around your block 3 times a week.
  • and so on.

If you follow this kind of gentle approach you're going to make your healing journey comfortable and enjoyable. 

Remember, there's no deadline and you're not going to be tested at the end. It's your journey and you are the boss!

Also, please note that it’s perfectly NORMAL to have ups and downs.

For example, if you’ve been super healthy for the past two months but have now hit a wall, that’s OK. Everyone experiences ups and downs, even the great masters.

Your healing journey is not going to be a straight line. Rather you’ll experience some amazing periods, not-so-great months, and even average times. This is all part of the healing process, and it's also how you learn what works for you and what doesn’t. 

If you don’t have any downfalls, you're not going to experience contrasts in how different habits make you feel.

For example, over time you'll start to notice that eating well is essential for well-being while processed foods weaken your body and mind. 

So, don’t worry if you have one or two months of eating loads of natural whole foods, doing lots of walking, or writing daily in your journal, followed by 1,3, or 6 months of not doing any of that at all.

The reality is my dear heart, you are always making progress irrespective of the phase you’re in. Each and every phase increases your awareness of what works for you and what doesn’t.

This is why you need to be gentle with yourself, take baby steps, and pat yourself on the back every day. You are doing great.

How to start or maintain your healing journey with a great baby step?

Each time you hit a wall start setting empowering intentions every morning.

For example, here are a few to get you started.

I set the intention to only consume foods and drinks that nourish my cells, provide optimum energy and activate healing.


I set the intention that I move my body every day so as to energize my cells and organs, and to send oxygen to every part of my body and brain.


I set the intention to think positively and in an empowering way.


I set the intention to do my best in everything.


I set the intention to not take anything personally and to not assume anything .


I set the intention to be courageous and strong.  

I set the intention to fall in love with my being 

If you only repeat these 7 intentions every morning, you will be making AMAZING progress. You can think of positive intentions as planting seeds that will one day grow and manifest into daily habits.

To overcome chronic anxiety, I’ve learned that healthy eating, living and thinking as well as self-love are essential. The above intentions are the very seeds to help you manifest all of that in your life. 

But remember it took me several years and lots of hard work, commitment and dedication to achieve all of that. 

Baby steps can help you achieve the same. 

I send you all my love always

Your heart-based life coach

Sandra Glavan

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