How to Use Your Intuition? (The Voice of the Heart)

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Hi My Precious Soul,

If you're struggling to make decisions in your daily life, and wish to know how to make choices for your highest good, then I have something special to share with you.

I have written a beautiful poem to help you learn,
how to use your intuition without any hesitation and concern.

I truly believe that this poem will change your life going forward and positively affect how you base your decisions

Because by the end of this post you’ll have a fresh perspective of your inner voices and visions.

So, if you're ready I'm going to begin

A Poem about How to Use Your Intuition 

Each time you’re struggling to decide what to do and need guidance,
know that you’ve always got access to your heart’s guidance.

Your heart continually channels Divine messages through your consciousness,
and you can train yourself to tap into this inner channeling which I promise you with confidence.

These divine messages are manifested as your intuition,
which is cosmically designed to support you while your higher purpose comes to fruition.

Intuition is the compass of your soul,
with inner bliss as the end goal.

But the reason we often ignore our intuition,
is because the mind is continually striving for the dominant position.

And even though the mind’s job is to keep you safe and protected,
if allowed to control your life, will cease creativity and make your soul feel disconnected.

Using the mind to your advantage in threatening situations is wise,
as long as for the rest of the time you create the space for your intuition to rise.

I know it can be scary to follow your inner feeling,
because at first, the consequences always seem unappealing.

But think back to the last time you followed your gut,
for example, a breakup you long avoided which now feels laughable somewhat.

Most of the time it’ will be challenging at first to follow your intuition,
but each time you do follow it, you’ll later see that it was part of your life’s mission.

For that reason, practice not letting the mind be your life’s ruler,
because that’s the equivalent of a security guard taking a musician's guitar player.

You and the musician need to follow your heart to create, grow and expand,
and only use the mind or the security guard to hold your hand.

So please, please my dear angelic heart,
start training yourself to recognize the mind and the heart apart.

Your intuition is coming from the depths of your soul,
while the mind is constantly trying to be in control.

The more you practice questioning the message’s source,
the easier it’ll be to take a change of course.

If you need help distinguishing whether it’s your mind or heart talking,
ask the Divine Creator and the higher beings to assist with the decoding.

No matter how crazy and unrealistic your intuitive guidance feels,
if you follow it, eventually you’ll fall in love with your life head over heels.

Top 5 Tips To Help You Use Your Intuition 

So, what are the key messages you can take away from my poem to help you use your intuition going forward? 

1. Practice Daily

To use your intuition you need to recognize the voice of your heart. 

So, practice daily differentiating whether you're hearing your mind or your heart (intuition) talking. 

The more you practice, the clearer your intuition will appear.

2. Ask for Divine Help

You're never alone and so, you don't have to do this work alone either. The Divine Creator and his helpers are always available for assistance. But you have to ask for their help in order for them to have permission to assist you.

So, ask for their help daily to better hear your intuition. For example,

"Dear God, and my guardian angels, please help me to hear my heart more clearly. Also, please give me the strength and confidence I need to follow my intuition. "

3. Set an Intention

To get your mind on board that you want to hear and follow your heart, set an intention each morning about your intuition. 

For example, "I set the intention to channel divine energy clearly and effortlessly through my intuition."

Each time you set an intention you are focusing your body, mind and soul onto that goal which will help you to fulfill it.

4. Follow Your Intuition in Most Situations

Your heart knows better when it comes to important life decisions including your relationships, friendships, work, family life, social life, and etc. So, practice using your intuition in these situations.

I'm not saying that the mind is irrelevant. The mind is still very important and useful in scenarios where we need to be safe such as driving, crossing the road, and walking down the stairs. But the mind will tell you to stay in a toxic relationship to not hurt your children, even if you know deep down that you cannot take one more day of it.  

I know it can feel scary to follow your heart, but in the long run it will be the best decision for you and everyone around you.

5. Use Sandra's Heart and Mind Characteristics  (in the beginning)

I know it's hard in the beginning to distinguish between the mind and the heart, especially if you're an anxiety sufferer, as anxiety gives kingship to the mind.

That's why I have included this final tip, where you can use MY list of heart and mind characteristics (below) to help you at the outset. 

I compiled these lists by paying close attention to my mind and heart over a number of years. You may disagree with some or all of the characteristics and that's absolutely fine. Remember, these are only based on my experience, and ideally you would create your own list over time.

So, for now, if you're struggling to understand whether you are receiving guidance from you mind or your heart check out the lists below to see where it sits.

The Main Characteristics of the Intuitive Voice (Heart-Voice)

In my experience it is your heart talking if it is asking you to:

  • Let go and let God
  • Allow yourself to be happy
  • Make a change (for example in areas such as work, career, relationship, environment, routine, diet, and so on) that you wish you could do but you're scared to
  • Take actions to improve your health 
  • Step outside of your comfort zone
  • Make a new beginning
  • Follow your deepest wishes, dreams and desires even if other people might feel disappointed
  • Strive for something that you truly want but believe it's unrealistic for you
  • Face your fears
  • Be spontaneous
  • Take a risk
  • Slow down
  • Create your own business and provide a high quality service that people need
  • Make more time for your hobbies and interests
  • Have more fun
  • Take time off
  • Do nothing for some time until you have the energy to carry on

The Main Characteristics of the Mind's Voice are

In contrast, in my experience it is your mind talking if it's asking you to:

  • Stay safe in your comfort zone
  • Leave things as they are even if this person / situation is hurting you
  • Avoid facing your fears 
  • Avoid any kind of change 
  • Put the feelings of others above your own
  • Disregard your emotions
  • Avoid pursuing your passions, dreams and desires as you don't have what it takes (time, money, qualities, skills etc.)
  • Be in control 
  • Make a decision based on money
  • Take action to be in power over others
  • Pursue "get rich quick" schemes
  • Step over others in order to get what you want
  • Do, sell, support or contribute to things that you know are not helping others or even worse hurting others

Choosing to Grow and Expand

If you want to grow, expand and fulfill your highest potential, you need to take bold steps, make changes in your life and face your biggest fears.

I know this is not easy but I promise it will pay off.

I've learned time and time again that following my intuition is always the best decision long-term, even if it feels scary at first or disappoints others. 

You have to keep reminding yourself that you are worthy of following your dreams and nurturing your passions.

The mind is still important in some cases, such as crossing the road, driving the car, running away from a bear, and falling out of a crashed airplane, because in these situations we should not be spontaneous, risky or make sudden changes.

But the mind will make you stay stuck in a job, relationship or home that you know is not right for you, because it is scared of change. 

So my dear heart, use your mind to keep you safe in only a limited number of situations, but use your intuition for the rest of the time. This will help you create a life that you love and will also help you relieve anxiety.

That's because your anxiety is a signal that you need to make a CHANGE or many CHANGES in your life, and once you make the necessary changes, your anxiety will naturally start to climb down.

Anxiety might give you the false impression that a comfort zone equals less anxiety, but in actual fact, it only results in more anxiety going forward. It's like when you drink alcohol and you feel less anxious for an hour or so, but then after the alcohol wears off, your anxiousness comes back with a vengeance.

Final note

You are worthy of everything your heart and soul desires, so trust in your heart's guidance and follow it at every opportunity to create a life that you love.

All my love

Your Heart-Based Life Coach

Sandra Glavan 

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