Top 3 Steps to Take on Your Anxiety Healing Journey  (other than Healthy Eating)

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If you’ve been thinking about following my anti-anxiety diet program and applying healthy eating,

then you also need to know the other 3 steps necessary to complete your healing.


In this article I’m going to cover the main things that I did on my anxiety healing journey after changing my diet

as I’d love for you to experience the same calming benefits and that’s the purpose of my sharing and not being quiet. 


So, if you’re ready let’s get started.

Top 3 Steps to Take on Your Anxiety Healing Journey (other than Healthy Eating)

Step 1: Healthy Living

After you’ve adopted your anti-anxiety diet or healthy eating,

it’s time to introduce other aspects of healthy living.


But you need to know that this is not going to be an easy assignment,

so please give yourself plenty of time for refinement.


Be gentle with yourself and take baby steps throughout,

and commit to at least one mini goal day in and day out,

as this is how you’re going to stay consistent and avoid burnout.


Introducing daily walks can be a great first step to make you feel magnificent,

and getting some sun at every opportunity is another one that’s not that difficult.


Plus when taking walks and enjoying sunshine you’re also getting some fresh air,

which is key to helping your body and mind repair.


Add a new healthy living habit each month or even each week, 

and keep going until you think you’ve reached your optimum and peak.

Step 2: Healthy Thinking

The next stage of your anxiety healing will be to adopt positive thinking

but this can only be achieved after you’ve fully implemented healthy eating and living.


Changing your negative thought patterns is challenging and can take a lot longer,

but that’s normal so please don’t set yourself a time limit to conquer.


Again take small steps and start with daily positive affirmations,

make self-love as the basis of each one to create loving foundations.


Repeat at least 10 affirmations in front of the mirror every day, 

this is how you’re going to transform your thought patterns and ensure the positive ones stay.

Step 3: Self-Love

Please remember that the ultimate goal of healing is to fall in love with who you are,

and once you’re there, there’ll be no more chronic anxiety, as peace will be glowing within you like a star.  

In short:

Healthy eating + healthy living + healthy thinking + self-love is how I overcame chronic anxiety and improved my overall health,

and if you do the same this is going to be your biggest wealth

All my love always dear heart

Your Heart-Based Life Coach 

Sandra Glavan


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I'm a Heart-Based Life Coach for Gentle Anxiety Sufferers. After two decades of chronic anxiety and self-hate, I managed to conquer both, and experience a huge spiritual transformation in the process. This incredible journey inspired me to pursue my dreams and help other gentle anxiety sufferers. I’m not a mental health professional, but I’m someone who has studied intensively about anxiety and achieved success with everything I learned. If you’re a gentle soul who is struggling with anxiety and would like my help, I’d love to coach you. Check out my free and paid coaching services.

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