How to Deal with Emotional Pain and Suffering?

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If you’re dealing with emotional pain and suffering right now, my dear heart, I really want to help you. 

As someone who has experienced copious amounts of emotional pain and suffering and wanted to give up and jump all too often, I eventually realized that, Rumi, who was one of Persia’s greatest mystic poets was absolutely right, when he said,

The wound is the place where the light enters you.

In my own words, 

All pain and suffering are the doorways to transformation.

- Sandra Glavan

But while it took me two decades of emotional turmoil and chronic anxiety to finally understand this cosmic truth, my goal is to help you start contemplating this wisdom today.

It's my experience that the sooner you begin to realize there’s a higher purpose to your emotional pain and suffering, the quicker your transformation can start to take shape.

Of course I fully understand if you think that this sounds ridiculous,...

...especially right now when you’re hurting and most likely struggling to see light at the end of the tunnel.

But if you’re interested in learning how I rose from my pain and suffering then I’d love to share a poem with you that I wrote about my personal experience.

I truly believe that this poem will leave a sparkle on your soul and help you to begin to climb out of your whole.

So, my dear heart, if you’re ready I’m going to begin ….

Rising Out of Pain and Suffering (POEM) 

Written by Sandra Glavan

It hurts so much and I’m out of ideas how to cope,
I’ve had years of this and you can’t blame me for losing hope.

For as long as I can remember I've dreaded the day ahead,
regularly wishing an end to my life to free my soul instead.

I get it that it’s tough for others to understand,
even if a couple of them want to stroke my hand.

But the suffering has become too hard to bear,
I’m tired of constantly gasping for air,
and falling down to my knees in prayer.

The stress, anxiety, depression, and heart palpitations,
have entered my every cell and become my life’s foundations,

and I promise you I’ve asked God so many times to give me a sign beyond my destructive temptations.

I've stopped believing in eternal peace, tranquility, and bliss,
perhaps that’s a state only accomplished by Jesus, and Buddha who mastered their way out of suffering far greater than this.

I’ve tried to soothe my pain in so many ways including alcoholism, materialism, and intellectualism,
but each of those pushed me further into a mental prison.

I really feel I’ve come to the crossroads between life and death,
and I’m convinced the easier path is to have my last breath.

But before I take my life and jump under the train,
I decide to ask for help for the last time and once again.

Though this time I do it differently,
I seek higher guidance deeply and meaningfully.

I dig into the depths of my heart and soul turning to the Divine Creator,
And with complete sincerity, I plead for guidance that is far greater,

than anything, the physical world can ever cater.

I close my eyes, and give wholehearted thanks for whatever is about to happen,
I’m open to receiving nothing at all, more pain, death, or enlightenment.

I realize that I'm no longer resisting what is coming my way,
and I’m genuinely ready to face whatever is at bay.

This is the first time I have fully surrendered and let go,
and began to accept and not expect anything anymore.

With my intention, I look up to the sky while extending my roots further into the earth,
and I begin to go inward searching for internal worth.

 In this complete surrender I begin to experience a shift,
allowing sensational energy to carry my soul up a cosmic lift.

This moment is truly electrifying, yet simple and pure,
could this be a miracle or my cure?

I’m humbled by this incredible experience,
to feel a glimpse of unconditional love which is utterly glorious.

Thank you Divine Creator for this snippet of liberation,
even if it soon passes
 I know it's enough to take me through a mental migration.

I deeply feel every part of this sensation,
but I'm not clinging to its duration.

I'm at peace for the first time in years,
which blossoms into gratitude and joyful tears.

After some time my natural high begins to fade,
but the memory has fully imprinted and stayed.

As I sit there in the train station,
I’m slowly coming back to consciousness with a new perspective and foundation.

 I no longer want to take my own life,
and I’m certain there’s an afterlife.

I’ve not forgotten that life is incredibly painful and frustrating,
but I realize pain and suffering trigger transformations to start activating.

 It's suddenly an honor to be part of human existence,
where a wide spectrum of emotions and feelings are in coexistence.

I'm in awe of this moment and want to tell everyone that we're NOT broken or forsaken,
but rather, that our scars and wounds have been given to us to help our hearts fully open.

How to Deal with Emotional Pain and Suffering?

You're a beautiful unique being and you have your own unique journey.

And so, I'm aware that your transformation is going to be different to the one described in my poem.

But, in saying that, there are still a few key lessons in my awakening story that can help you to deal with you emotional pain and suffering, and to begin to rise from it.

These lessons are summarized below and I truly believe that if you start to apply these in your daily life, you'll begin to feel that you're supported from the above.

1. Regularly Ask for Divine Help 

We’ve all been given free will on this planet which means that God, the Divine Creator, helping spirits, guardian angels, archangels, angels, fairies and all other higher beings cannot interfere unless you ask for their help. 

The only exception to this rule is if your life is in danger and it’s not your time to go yet. Then they do interfere and help you.

So, now that you know you’re not alone and that you have to ask God and the higher beings for help and guidance, please ask them every single day.

They will never get tired of your wishes and desires because they love you unconditionally and only want to help you. 

But they have to have your permission to help, and they get this when you ask. 

So, my dear angelic heart, just ask for help every day. 

The universe is always listening to you, sending you unconditional love, and is ready and willing to help you.

2. Seek for Help Deeply and Meaningfully

God and the higher beings will not judge you if you don’t ask for help deeply and meaningfully, as judgement is not part of their frequency.

But the reason I highly recommend that you ask for their help deeply and meaningfully is so that you connect to your heart and soul in that moment.

Why is that important?

When you ask for help from the depths of your heart and soul, you’re unlikely to ask for a million dollars or a sports car, but rather for opportunities that are important for the growth of your soul. 

When God and the higher beings provide help to expand your consciousnesses these are the steps towards transformation, inner peace and bliss. 

3. Give Wholehearted Thanks

Love and gratitude are the highest states of frequency.

When you give thanks you raise your own frequency, which makes you more open to receiving.

So each time you ask for help and guidance, practice feeling gratitude.

To help you do that, think about how grateful you are that you have access to higher power and that you’re never alone. 

4. Let Go and Trust

Once you ask for help and guidance and give your deepest thanks, then please let go.

Allow God and the higher beings to help you in a way that is for your highest good.

Their help might be subtle or obvious, and it might come today, tomorrow or in 10 years.

But I can promise you that they will help you in the perfect moment.

God and the higher beings can see your unique path and the mission you have to complete and they know what you need and when, better than any human being can tell you.

Your only job is to ask for their help and to then let go.

So, my dear heart, let me summaries what you've learned before we depart...

You're a beautiful divine being and without you this planet is not complete.

That's one of many reason why you must never give up.

Remember, you don't have to struggle alone, as you have access to infinite help from the above.

Ask God and the higher beings to help you every day and always give thanks, then let go and allow them to flow love your way.

Trust that the answer will come when you’re ready to integrate it. This is most likely to be when you least expect it.

But know that it will come in the perfect moment when it’s for your highest good.

If you'd like to know how I ask for help, here it is. You can use this to begin with until you develop your own personal prayer.

Dear God, my guardian angels and higher self, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel, and all the helping spirits please help me in this moment. I need your assistance and guidance to move forward.

I love you and thank you from the depths of my heart, and soul, and I know that you’ll help me in ways that are for my highest good.

I understand that this help might not be always obvious at first, but I truly believe with all my being that you love me and are always here holding my hand every step of the way. And for that I'm eternally grateful 

Thank you for your time

Love Sandra Glavan
Your Heart-Based Life Coach 

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I'm a Heart-Based Life Coach for Gentle Anxiety Sufferers. After two decades of chronic anxiety and self-hate, I managed to conquer both, and experience a huge spiritual transformation in the process. This incredible journey inspired me to pursue my dreams and help other gentle anxiety sufferers. I’m not a mental health professional, but I’m someone who has studied intensively about anxiety and achieved success with everything I learned. If you’re a gentle soul who is struggling with anxiety and would like my help, I’d love to coach you. Check out my free and paid coaching services.

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